A Fur Parka’s Brand Story

A Fur Parka’s Brand Story


‘We believe every woman, every girl, has a fairytale story within their heart.
Our aim is to fulfill her wonderous dreams and fantasy through the vision of OZLANA.’

Founded in 2014, OZLANA is an Australian outerwear focused fashion brand with a romantic, playful personality, explored through story-telling inspired concepts. Devoted to quality fabrications, textiles & glimmering embellishments, the brand embodies a style of youthful and modern femininity, channeled through the signature Fur Parka, a traditional piece updated with the classic OZLANA touch.

Ozlana’s artistic design with exquisite textile technology and tailoring represents premium quality and elegant timelessness and feminine style, highlighting the modern luxury and defining new styles of both trendy and highly practical outerwear.